HP Releases New Accessories for Pro X2 PCs

During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Hewlett Packard announced that the company will release some new accessories for its Pro X2 series of PCs.

HP Pro X2 is targeted towards people who need a portable device as X2 612 G2 features a detachable screen and keyboard so that the laptop can be used as a tablet similar to Microsoft’s Surface book. Unlike surface book however, the computer has a 12.5 inch display with fullHD resolution. The PC comes with Intel HD graphics as well as 64, 128 or 256 GB SSD.

In order to give you more portability, the newly released accessories include a USB-C dock to connect multiple devices as well as a portable USB-C travel hub. Additionally, you can get a retail case to perform mobile transaction. If you work in an extreme environment and need to protect the PC, you can purchase a rugged case that should suffice all of your needs. Michael Park, VP and GM of mobility and personal systems for HP said, “As people continue to work outside the office on a more frequent basis, we are delivering devices and accessories that bring traditional PC-based productivity to a more mobile experience in a way that IT can securely manage and service.”

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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