HP Records Best PC Sales Record in First Quarter

Over last decade, smartphones sales have gone significantly higher but overall, it had a negative impact on computer and related products’ market. Despite that, over the first quarter of 2017, a 10% boost in PC sales for HP meant they surpassed a whopping $8.22 bn from last year’s $7.46 bn during this time period.

Although figures for notebook sales jumped nearly 16%, desktop growth remained flat and given the increased popularity of smartphones among consumers, such figures are relatively surprising. During an earnings call, HP Inc. CEO Dion Weisler said, “As a more nimble company, we’ve been able to accelerate our strategy, and we’re now firing on all cylinders.

“A perfect demonstration of this is in Personal Systems, where yet again for the third consecutive quarter the team delivered exceptional results.”

He added: “The last time we saw this level of revenue growth was in 2014, triggered by the [Windows] XP refresh cycle.”

Despite the strong sales figures, HP Inc CFO Catherine Lesjak admitted that such figures mean the numbers might go down during the second quarter of this year as she said, “The increased cost of components [for PCs] … could have a more significant impact on demand that we’ve assumed.”

Despite the strong showing in the consumer PC market, the company’s main source of revenue, its printers’ sales show a 3% decline over the course of year but Weisler said that the company’s acquisition of Samsung’s printing business is on track to completion during second half of this year and will improve the overall sales figure of the division and likely to stabilize the business.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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