Facebook Introduces Two New Surround 360 Video Cameras

During its annual Developer Conference, Facebook Introduced improved design for its Surround 360 video cameras. Thanks to the upgraded design, you will now be able to get larger and more powerful version in your hand.

The smaller of the models is X6 which comes with six cameras pre-installed. The company is currently working with manufacturers to produce finished products by the end of this year. On the other hand, the larger model comes with whopping 17 cameras installed in an orb.

Good news is, both of the cameras will allow you to shoot videos at 8K quality as long as you are wearing a VR headset with positional tracking. The correct combination of hardware and software will allow you to take live-action shows with more detailed objects in a place.

With the latest introduction, the company is hoping that enthusiasts and professional artists will be able to create more engaging videos. For example, with the included technology, you can add different element to a scene or change background of a video.

We are hoping to see more from the developer conference which continues to introduce innovative technology for everyone.

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