EE to Ditch Windows Phone and Blackberry App

As number of users of Android and iOS is rising every day, a large number of companies including Amtrak, eBay, Delta Air Lines, Samsung Smart Things and Runtastic has abandoned Microsoft’s mobile Operating system. EE, UK’s largest mobile network operator, has announced that the company is discontinuing its customer account management app on two major platforms.

Users of Windows or BlackBerry OS are getting the following notification from the company:

My EE app for Windows and BlackBerry

We’re sorry. If you have a Windows or BlackBerry phone, you’ll no longer be able to manage your accounts via the app. Don’t worry! You can upgrade, check your bill, see your usage, top up, get add-ons and more online.

Apart from this, the company is redirecting users to log into its website as well as giving suggestion to pin the website in the home screen.

Last month, Microsoft-owned Mojang announced that it will no longer update Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Windows phones. Considering most of the smartphones are running on either iOS or Android, it seems that Microsoft might be ditching the mobile Operating system for good in the upcoming years or do a complete revamp to stay relevant in the market.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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