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You Can Buy Ryzen Processor Starting From March

Over the last decade, Intel has dominated the chip market to the point that most of the time, consumers rarely considered AMD when it comes to PC build for gaming or processor intensive tasks. Although over the years AMD provided solid performance with relatively cheaper alternatives to Intel, the company still a minority in the processor market. However, when tests and rumors started surfacing on internet about AMD’s upcoming Ryzen processors, we all got excited and the wait is nearly over as we will finally be able to get a glimpse of Ryzen when it becomes available to purchase on March 2nd.

If you are planning on building a budget computer, then Ryzen might fit your needs perfectly without breaking your bank. Although AMD’s processor was cheaper in past, it couldn’t compete with Intel processor as they are known for superior performances. However, with Ryzen starting at just $500, AMD might be able to catch up with Intel since the processors compares pretty well with i7 with 8 cores and 16 threads. Users over the years have also complained about the heavy power usage of the AMD processor. But with Ryzen, AMD seemingly has fixed the problem as the processors will take only 90W of power compared to i7’s 140W. Most importantly, according to numbers released by AMD, the processor outperforms i7 by almost 10 percent. If that is the case, then it can be a good opportunity for AMD to catch the market.

Additionally, since AMD isn’t changing its universal AM4 compatibility, users can get significant performance boost by changing the processor which is relatively cheap since Intel is known for upgrading the chipset every couple of years. While such news are great for consumers around the world, we will have to wait a little bit more to get all the details as the company will release all details regarding the processor on March 2nd. If you are wondering about the hype, then you can already see a number of benchmarks over internet. However, for final benchmarks, wait until the first week of March to see if you want to get one of the Ryzen processors.


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