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Apple Patents Hints New Method of Embedding Fingerprint Sensor

Everyone is expecting Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 to feature minimal bezels which means the company has to find a way to move the touchID sensor to somewhere else. As a result, recent rumors have suggested that an iris scanner will replace the fingerprints. However, it seems that Apple doesn’t have a lack of options when it comes to embedding the fingerprint reader as reports suggest a patent that enables the company to place the reader into the display of the phone.

A patent approved earlier indicates the possibility of a method to use infrared emitters and sensors to place a fingerprint scanner on the display of the phone. The patent states,

Exemplary methods and systems use a micro light emitting diode (LED) in an active matrix display to emit light and a sensing IR diode to sense light. A display panel includes a display substrate having a display region, an array of subpixel circuits, and an array of selection devices. Each subpixel circuit includes a driving circuit to operate a corresponding infrared (IR) emitting LED in a light emission mode. Each selection device may be coupled to a corresponding sensing IR diode to operate the corresponding sensing IR diode in a light sensing mode.

It seems that such method will only work with OLED display which is likely to be included in the upcoming iPhone 8 models. Since the OLED screens are still relatively expensive, it means, you might have to spend even more to afford an iPhone.

Recent rumors also suggested that iPhone 8 might include wireless charging ability along with a larger battery in order to improve the battery life of the iPhone models. If that’s true, users will appreciate the change given iPhone is known for relatively poor battery life compared to other smartphones.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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