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Apple Extends Its Program to Fix Faulty MacBook Displays

Over last couple of years, Apple has managed to draw some criticism from consumers regarding products’ lack of innovation. However, the company still is a tech giant due to its superior customer support it has provided over a long period of time and now, the company has decided to extend a program to fix problems with 12-inch Retina MacBook and MacBook Pro displays.

Over a last couple of years, a large number of customers have complained about the problem specific to certain MacBook and MacBook Pro machines. While the displays are gorgeous, the anti-glare coating sometimes wear away or delaminate and results in faulty displays for the laptops. If your MacBook is having this issue, you should visit customer care in person or contact them to find out about the solution.

While the company hasn’t officially announced the extension, you can get your computer fix if it’s showing the problem if you have purchased on or after June, 2012 through October 16, 2017. Moreover, you will get a three years extended warranty for the specific problem if that’s longer. Despite that, you will need to contact the company to know if your MacBook Pro falls under the program.

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