AMD Isn’t Planning On Replacing PC Chips Despite Ryzen Release

AMD is set to release Ryzen chips next month as the company has confirmed that the company will start shipping the processors in March. Despite that, AMD has no plan to shake up its existing chips that have been around in the market for last decade. According to a company spokesman, the chips will be repackaged to target budget oriented consumers.

Such decision isn’t surprising given Ryzen-based PCs are expected to be targeted towards higher-end market and given Intel’s established market share, it’ll be high risk move to eliminate the FX chips which are targeted towards budget gamers. Additionally, the A-series chips will be in the market to compete with Intel’s Core i3, i5 and Celeron and Pentium processors that are used to produce low to mid-end laptops and chromebooks.

This move is pretty sensible as unified AM4 socket has helped the company to give consumers to upgrade their computer’s processors. For instance, the AM4 socket will support both A-series and Zen chips. This can help the company to build on the gains AMD has experienced in the recent years.

In a market dominated by Intel, lower end AMD chips are helping the company to meet the supply agreement as AMD currently has an agreement with GlobalFoundaries to manufacture certain number of chips every year.

However, the company will need to decide on a transition in the coming months if Ryzen becomes popular among the gaming community.

Moreover, AMD has recently released Zen-based server chips as the company has put the development of ARM-based server chips on hold. It will be interesting to see how the Ryzen performs compared to Intel’s much successful i7 line up to say the least.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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