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AMD Announces Name for Its Next Generation Graphics Cards

During the Game Developers Conference 2017, AMD confirmed that their next generation line of graphics cards will be called Radeon RX Vega. Similar to other models launched in recent years, the company will annotate different numbers to represent power of different graphics cards.

While the announcement came during the company’s Capsaicin & Cream event, there is no further confirmation about specifications of the model. Most of these information are basically confirmation of rumors back in January. Despite that, there are minor details as AMD demonstrated how Vega’s High-Bandwidth Cache Controller improves performance in real-world games: it doubled the minimum framerate in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided compared to a “traditional VRAM mode”.

Moreover, the company also showcased how Vega’s increased FP16 capabilities allow GPU to render twice as many hair strands in a particular scene. The company is expected to properly introduce the graphics cards during events of Computex this year ahead of its stated 2017 launch window.

Source: Techreport

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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