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New Images of Nokia Android Phones Appear Online

If you are a smartphone enthusiast, then you have all the rights to be excited ahead of the much anticipated release of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8. Additionally, Nokia has officially coming back to the smartphone market with the upcoming releases. Ahead of the upcoming smartphone releases however, new leaked images have appeared online showcasing the company’s Flagship P1 smartphone as the company is currently preparing for major releases at Mobile World Congress.

A new video has showcased the Nokia P1, the company’s next Android-powered smartphone. If the video renders the actual phone, then we are set for major surprise from the iconic Finnish phone manufacturer as the smartphone looks like Nokia’s most powerful smartphone till date.

In the YouTube video by Concept Creator, we got the first glimpse of the P1. The P1 looks pretty stunning with its all metal body and design which is common to a larger number of Android devices. Additionally, the video has suggested that the display will use Gorilla Glass 5 to protect the phone’s 5.3 inch display. At the bottom of the screen, the smartphone features physical home button with embedded fingerprint sensor which will make the locking and unlocking faster.

If you are wondering about the camera, then rest assured, the smartphone is set to include a 22.6 MP primary camera which is easily one of the most powerful camera today in the smartphone market. The camera is also boosted by the fact that the company is set to fix one of the major problems with the smartphones as Nokia P1 is likely to feature Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB of RAM and 256GB storage along with high capacity 3500 mAh battery that is easily going to last more than a day.

As for Operating system, the smartphone will run Android 7.0 Nougat straight out of the box. However, the company is yet to release the pricing information regarding the much anticipated smartphone. Nokia is expected to reveal more information in the upcoming days with Mobile World Congress just a few weeks away.

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